MUNDO from the inside

See the interiors of the MUNDO Shopping Center in Budapest.

Budapest – a city that inspires

The inspiration for MUNDO Budapest interior design was the capital of Hungary itself, as well as the subtle and timeless architecture and unique atmosphere of the city. The leitmotif of the design is the lightness, smoothness and curvatures of lines, planarity and linearity typical of the style of Art Nouveau, all of which we have managed to enclose in the modern body of the project.

Seen through an architect’s eye

The aesthetic appearance of the interior is a product of the clear layout of passages throughout the building. The smooth geometry of floor lines is matched by flexible shaped ceilings, emphasized by linear lighting. Floor openings and wide sections of passages offer clear visibility between floors. Large skylights provide access for natural lighting, creating a feeling of comfort and an impression of open space.

Entertainment island

One of the main squares in the building, situated along Csomori street, was dedicated to fun and entertainment. In the central section there is a panoramic lift with sculpted housing. A concert stage is located at the base of the lift. The blueprints show the stage area will run as a continuation to the geometry of the lift housing. There are comfortable and modern seats surrounding the stage, which can be rearranged as needed. The space under the escalators is adapted for an original café, with a safe kids playground zone nearby, which includes a specially designed merry-go-round. The flooring materials of the playground are clearly distinguished in terms of color, creating an impression of being on an island, emphasized by the geometry of floor openings above.




Idyllic landscape under the trees

Another internal square, situated along Bosnyak street, is arranged like an oasis, with comfortable seating, the soothing flow of the fountain, and a café. Slender deciduous trees are a distinctive feature, with trunks in cast iron enclosures growing directly out of the floor (their crowns reach the top floor, as a pleasant green tone for gym users). Wooden floor elements, pleasantly subdued colors, the presence of natural plants, and the soft seats create an atmosphere of leisure.




Lunch under an umbrella

The food court was divided into zones with different types of furniture (wooden benches, tables in various shapes, soft chairs, bar stools, etc.), lighting and flooring, creating the feeling of a more or less intimate atmosphere.
There is an original feature in the food court, namely large modern mesh umbrellas, placed above the tables.
A small kids play area, separated from the food court with an openwork wall, is another attraction for families with young children.
Monumental openings in the first and second floor give panoramic views of the square below as well as the cinema and terrace area above.




With a view to the world

The observation deck, available from two restaurants, the panoramic lift and escalators, is situated opposite the entrance to the cinema. Designer style leisure furniture, the presence of natural plants and the soft wooden elements together create an idyllic climate.




We hired Bose International Planning and Architecture, an experienced design studio, to design the interiors of MUNDO Shopping Center.

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