MUNDO – even more for the family

We are doing our best to make sure that MUNDO becomes Budapest’s top shopping center and become the most popular among families. See the new amenities we have introduced.

“Fun room” for the family

At our MUNDO shopping center, we designed a special “fun room” where parents will be able to take care of their children in comfortable and friendly conditions.

The whole room is fitted with bright, warm colours, and decorated with joyful fairy tale wallpapers. We also provided state-of-the art lighting to make the room more cozy. A baby changing facility (set up in a quiet corner) will be fitted with a crib mobile playing music, a bin for dirty diapers, basic accessories for baby hygiene, and a large washbasin.

We also remembered about entertainment for slightly older children who can spend their time playing in the mini-kids play area, a special safe area with soft lining and toys, while their younger brothers or sisters are being fed or changed. For convenience – for example for breastfeeding mums – we set a large, soft and comfortable sofa in the fun room.

All materials used for designing the room were carefully selected and meet all the applicable safety and hygiene requirements.
Rooms for parents will be located on level 0 and level 1, right next to the toilets. In the same zone, we created wall recesses with comfortable seating for those who prefer to wait outside.



Even more “family-friendly” car park

We created a special family zone in the parking lot, where owners of larger vehicles can feel comfortable and safe. The family zone will be on the first storey of the car parking, with convenient access from Rakospatak street.

Parking places in the family zone are as much as 3.6 metres wide. We also increased the number of such family places to 53. There is a travellator and a lift in the family zone, very helpful for people with babies and toddlers in prams.

Vertical communication will provide quick and comfortable access to level 0, in the immediate vicinity of the supermarket. From there, it’s really close to the “entertainment yard” where everyone, children and adults alike, will find something attractive for themselves.


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