Designed to be Budapest’s favorite.

When designing Mundo we were very particular about each detail. To evaluate the location’s potential, consumer and user expectations, ideal size and tenant mix, we started off with thorough research in cooperation with GFK Hungary.

Moreover, a specialized team consisting of architects, leasing and marketing managers put together an objective report on the advantages and disadvantages of shopping premises throughout Budapest. The results gave a base for leading architects of Bánáti + Hartvig Architects and Bose International Planning and Architecture to create a truly unique example of architecture, design and functionality.

Let’s face it: your consumers have the right to be picky and impatient. It’s your task to please them nevertheless. Or, should you choose Mundo as your location – the task has already been addressed.



Consumers. To visit you, they visit us. The benefits are mutual.

Look at the facts and find out why Mundo will be the most friendly and convenient shopping center in Budapest.

Part I
Functionality & comfort

Compact building structure – 2.5 level (more)

average of the competition’s buildings – 3 storeys

Maximum length of the passage 170 m. Maximum distance between the farhest tenants 220 m (more)

competition offers - 278m

Short distances between means of vertical traffic

Perfect visibility of shop windows from adjoining levels

Increased height of shop windows 4-5m (more)

competition offers – 3.5

Modern and friendly architecture

Access to natural daylight - spacious skylights

Spacious interiors and wide passages

Easily accessible all sides

Part II
Stress-free parking

Direct and comfortable connection of each commercial level with the parking lot (more)

1 commercial storey = 2 parking lot terraces

Safe height of the parking lot entrance 2.2m/2.3m (more)

competition offers 2.0m/2.1m

Optimum number of parking spaces – 42 spaces/1000 m2 of GLA (more)

competition offers - 35 spaces/1000 m2 of GLA

Easy parking due to the parking space occupancy system

Wide and short ramps

Minimum number of structural columns

Wide parking spaces – 2.55m

Additional family spaces – 3.6m

Parking lot with access to natural air and light

Part III
Offer & facilities

Well-balanced and varied tenant-mix


Multiplex Cinema

Fitness lounge

Free of charge Kidsplay

Comfortable recreation zones (inside and outside)

Restaurants and cafes

9 Food court units, 4 Restaurants with an entrance to the terrace

Convenient public transport


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